Sergiy Pashchenko

«Style means giving emphasis and artistic significance to the basic idea and to all intrinsic and extrinsic coefficients that modify the embodiment of the theme in a work of art. According to this definition, absence of style signifies the shortcomings of a work caused by the artist's disregard of the underlying theme, and his ineptitude in exploiting aesthetically the means available for perfecting the work».

Gottfried Semper

I see the basis of architectural oeuvre in the intercultural approach that originates in multiculturalism of Ukraine. Intercultural architecture — the hybrid approach in which elements of different cultures exist in symbiosis, — the architecture adjusted to environment through symbiosis of TRADITION and HIGH TECHNOLOGY. The culture and tradition are hardly limited to what is material. The way of life, customs, aesthetic sensitivity, ideas, thoughts, philosophy, religion are indivisible aspects of wider culture and tradition.

The architecture of an epoch of the information changes from a self-enclosing paradigm to one of open-endedness, from whole to a part, from hierarchy to destruction, from centeredness to non-centeredness. As the model serves freedom and a unique variety of all mankind, symbiosis of different cultures, and deeply pluralistic ideal of society and culture.

True creativity flows from conceiving part and whole together. In architecture, the meaning produced by the individual elements of the design, and by their relationships and disjunctions, should be multivalent and ambiguous. When meaning creates such a feeling or atmosphere, architecture may be said to approach POETIC CREATION.

«La poétique as the exchange of symbols brings into play a meticulously limited vocabulary. The goal is to totally exhaust these signs.»

For us, the challenge is whether we in turn can create architecture which will speak to future generations as our cultural legacy, — architecture which expresses spirit of our epoch, its philosophy, level of technological success and society.

certificated architect Sergiy Paschenko 
architectural editor of magazine DETAIL ukrainian edition

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